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Kalpakanchery is a blessed place. From time immemorial, this tiny village and its people had been in the political, cultural and economic mainstream of Malabar. The innate goodness and the hospitality of the place attracted many from far and near. Until the 1970’s, the mainstay had been mostly on agriculture and trading. With the advent of gulf immigration, Kalpakanchery has undergone drastic changes on all spheres.

General educational level is the first causality in the new found gulf economic miracle. The social pressure on the young generation to pack their bags and get on to the next flight to the gulf countries is immense. These Young men only with elementary schooling lands up in manual and menial jobs abroad. If the trend continues, the future of Kalpakanchery is bleak and this good old place is bound to loose its sheen.

Kalpakanchery ,(Pages of History) which is centrally located in the district of Malappuram was an epicenter of a whole lot of activities during India’s struggle for freedom. Oddayapurathu Chekkuty sahib, was a promiment leader of the freedom struggle.

Kalpaknchery weekely Bazaar on every Tuesdays ( kalpkanchery Chantha) have been going for the last hundred of years. People from long distances comes to the “chantha” to purchase betel leaf , tea , areca nut and other goods of daily use . Because of the constant interaction with the outside world ,Kalpakanchery developed a cosmopolitan outlook.

Even though there is no dearth of educational institutions at Kalpakanchery,there is none catering to a higher educational level or a postgraduate level. Because of the gulf influx, agriculture which had been the primary source of income is in a neglected shape and only tiny industries dot the industrial canvass.